About Me.

Anybody else besides me find writing difficult?

I find writing about myself challenging. I usually come away feeling I just barfed a laundry list of the boring stuff (achievements), which seems like a waste of your time. This is my first attempt at a new approach—I hope you find it more revealing about me as a human being with a pulse (currently 68 beats per minute).

I love photography, illustration, and typography. Don’t get me wrong, I love producing all creative projects. I get that video is all the rage regarding social media engagement. But there is something about a static image paired with a well-crafted typeface that stops me in my tracks. When I’m not on the clock, more than likely, you’ll find me with a camera in my hand. Maybe I’m just feeling nostalgic for print because I’m trying to learn Final Cut Pro 😬.

It’s fashionable to be asked, “What’s your superpower?” Or, “What’s your greatest strength?” Unfortunately, my greatest strength doesn’t map directly to a business outcome or return on $nvestment. I would say curiosity is my most interesting trait. If you're hungry to know more and understand more, everything can come from that.

If any of this nonsense resonates, checkout my Work section. Email me (stevenjbrooks@gmail.com) to connect if you think a chat is in order.

Thanks for reading.